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Nanjing Duoyuan Biochemistry Co., Ltd. always puts safety as the most important priciple . Our concept of security covers purchases, production and use of the product.

Purchases Security: strictly control the purchases of wool grease as the basic raw materials ,prohibited from skin shearing,PFA wool and smuggling wool

Production Safety: through effective management and training system, Duoyuan maintained zero-injury record since 2008 when we started official production, the protection of employees is our most responsibility

Product safety: Except strict production process control and testing, Duoyuan completely eliminate the use of illicit added ingredients or substitutes into our product, as to ensure the purity and nature of the final product lanolin

Duoyuan has been committed to develop itself as an environment coexist company. Firstly, our product is extracted from the wastewater from washing wool processing, greatly reducing the emissions, it’s a typical waste recycling industry.

Secondly, through the use of clean energy, recycling of materials, waste water pretreatment and other ways ,we control the maximum extent of our energy consumption and the production of emissions, as to protect the surrounding environment. We also continued to pursue our own perfection, and strive to create a high-quality work environment for our employees.

Unlike the majority of animal products, our lanolin is purified from the wool fatty substances, is not from any killing or torturing animal activities. On the contrary,the regular wool cut can reduce the risk of parasites and skin diseases, and make benefits to the growth of sheep.We hereby guarantee that all our wool grease raw materials is from living wool, prevent any wool grease from slaughtered wool grease into our products.
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